All Around The World

by Big Redd

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All Around The World is a fusion of worship, adoration, and rap. From hard-hitting tracks, to laid-back grooves, Big Redd has something for 9-year-olds to 90-year-olds, presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a trendy fashion.


released 15 May 2012



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Big Redd Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: All Around The World (feat. B.Ranz)
I’ma take this Kingdom music er’where I go
And if you put me on a jet, on every continent I’ll flow
The secular’s gettin Billboard, but Kingdom flows are hotter
I’ma take it cross the world, I’m a Kingdom Globetrotter
Betta’ grab a spotter, cause his Glory got that weight
The world is spittin’ its lies, and people takin’ the bait
We replacing lies with the truth ‘cause there’s only room for one
You think that we loud now? We haven’t even begun!
My God is a jealous God, you think you gon’ take your hits, and
Use your music for evil? Take people to hell’s pits?
Well you lead ‘em there, I lead ‘em out….the Gospel Pied Piper
Now we (speaking in tongues) boy you can’t even decipher
Interpretation? Yo we got that mug stacked
You borrowed what wasn’t yours, now the Owner wants it back
We got millions at your gates--Ain’t got nothing on my squad
Cause the kingdoms of this world are now the kingdoms of my God!

All around the world, I’ma take this music all around the world (Heeey!)
All around the world, I’ma take this Kingdom music all around the world (Heeey!)
All around the world, I’ma take this music all around the world (Heeey!)
All around the world, I’ma take this Kingdom music all around the world

It’s real easy just to think about the views of your own people
Fixated only in packing pews under your own steeple
But meanwhile, its people in your timeline that’s dying
They might not ever speak, but yet their inner man is crying
They’re searching for an answer, but can’t formulate the question
It don’t matter if I’m blessed if I don’t take it and go bless them
I’ma take this Kingdom music cause there ears are listening
The beats the bait, the Word’s the tackle--Deep Sea Fishermen
Reel ‘em in, cause real men worship the King
And godly women fight, but get the dubb up in the ring
And how they gon’ call on Him in Whom they haven’t believed?
And if we don’t preach Jesus then how’s the burden relieved?
And how we gon’ preach Jesus if we don’t decide to go,
To the corners of this world and put the Gospel in a flow?
Its a harvest of souls man, millions on the horizon--
And I’ma preach the King until my chest stop risin’
Track Name: Different Now
Verse 1:

Man my life is different now
I can’t take the credit, God take a bow
They said, “Redd, yo His hand is on ya
Time to live a diamond life, forget zirconia!
Why go for the fake, when you can have authentic
Time to call the Doctor, man your soul is sin sick!”
I been there too, so I’m making a plea, I’m not better than
I used to make a waterbed up in quicksand
Partied hard, like my friend was the second hand
But God was calling, and so I surrendered to His plan

I’m different, Christ on my heart standin’
God made me new, old ways I abandoned
I don’t need the high off a spliff or a bong
Jesus my high now and why I write songs
Saved by His grace, and not by my works I
Used to club hop, now I rock in the church, I
Ain’t ashamed, now I live for my King
Started with “God said,” not the “Big Bang”
Christ came in switched up the sin game
Now, I’ma live forever like “Fame”

Maaaan, I’m Different Now
Can’t take the credit, God take a bow
If you can’t understand understand I’ma tell you how
God came, did a change and I’m different now

Maaaan, I’m Different Now
Can’t take the credit, God take a bow
If you can’t understand understand I’ma tell you how
God came, did a change and I’m different now
I’m different now (heeey), I’m different now (heeey)
I’m different now (heeey), I’m different now (heeeey

Verse Two:

Satan condemned, but Christ, He appealed it
God’ll take a life of misery and He’ll heal it
From the ground up, from the inside to the out
Forget popularity and tryna get clout
I never thought someone could love like this
Take a cynic, and sit him down and explain who He is
Life full of panic like attacks and alarms
Heart been stung by the enemy’s swarms
God’ll let you vent, talk about about your life’s harms
Then wash away your pain with a wrap from His arms

Yeah, that’s the God I gave my life to
And when you meet Him, guaranteed you’ll give your life too
Hard to imagine that God’s got kids
And that His firstborn, He let bleed and die for my sins
Seems wild, in three days, He flew the coop
And coming back any day now? I’m feelin’ you.
It takes faith to believe it, that’s how you can see
It’s a matter of the heart, not theology
How many reasons to believe? A million and three;
But here’s one: Just look at how He changed ME.


Verse Three:

So therefore, since I’m justified
Just as if I’d never sinned, I’m given a right
Standing with God, through faith and I’m clean
Christ Rules Everything Around Me--C.R.E.A.M.!
I pick up my Cross, and my Movement’s swift
You need His presence; He gave us the gift
Christ did it, He smashed all of the curses
Shotput death and hurdle jumped hearses
Life needed change like piggy banks and purses
I had to stop readin em and become the verses

He got Power in His Hands, and won’t renig ‘em
Christ got all the gold so girl, why don’t you dig Him?
His mercy endures forever plus one day
Cause He heard that you were pondering a new way
New talk, new mind, new potnahs
New Friday night flow, new heart, just
Consider it, Christ made a better life mine
We the branches, and Jesus is the true vine
Drownin’ in life? ..God’ll throw you the lifeline
Forget the thrill, God’ll love you for a lifetime

Track Name: The Great I Am (feat. Chrystal McDowell)
“Great I Am” performed by Big Redd

Verse One:

I used to be bound like a spiritual Rikers
I used to be filthy, but now I’m righteous
Not because of me, or that good that I done
Shoulda been dead from the web that I spun
Used’ta have to wonder’f I was goin’ to heaven but now
I know I go by grace, not the sweat of my brow
Naw, don’t need a priest; I chat wit’ God commonly
Men on fire for God? Naw, not an anomaly
I’m undefeated, and I’m never gon’ lose
Fifteen inches on my feet, so the devil I bruise
My name ain’t James but I got that Fortune
God done prospered me, man, from Day One
Used to have to borrow, now I lend to my fam
Me and the world? We non-stick like Pam
While ya’, lean to the side of this Anointed Handz jam,
Throw them hands up for the Great I Am


(For He is the Great I Am)
He’s the Great I Am, His reign endures forever
(For He is the Great I Am)
You can search all around and you’ll find nobody better
(For He is the Great I Am)
How great is our God (sing with me) How great is our God
(Hey) For He is (hey) For He is (hey) For He is the Great I Am

Verse Two:

Well bless the Lord O’ my soul and forget not benefits
He took sin and shortcoming and He’s forgiven it
Cast it into the sea of forgetfulness
Before you woke up, His grace and mercy? God replenished it
His faithfulness is great, and He ain’t never lied
Matta’fact He couldn’t, not even if He tried
When I tell you He’s love, I can’t even comprehend,
Why He would send His Son when it was sin we were copyin’
Talkin’bout He came but He was just another prophet
Talkin’bout there’s many ways to God? Man, stop it
He suffered, bled, hung there...Didn’t abandon
He made salvation free like the throw after the and-one
My God is bigger than all, He’s holy and He’s pure
He’s unconditional love, He’s got riches galore
You know what it is homie, you already know
And I tell you, there’s nobody that’s greater yo!


His mercy, His grace, His Kingdom, His reign will always last forever
I can call Him when I need Him, I always know He’s right there
He’s a great God, what a Mighty God, Magnificent and Holy
How Great is Our God

Verse Three

Well God is great and greatly to be praised, He is the solid Rock
Breathing room for my soul, me You never drop
Snatched me up from the brink of disaster
Never quit on us when we don’t submit to the Master soooo
You need a Word from the Lord on high?
You just need to get in to His presence, man oh my
You ain’t seen nothin’, you don’t know what it’s like
To be high up in the presence of God...Tonight, we gon’ take you there into His presence!
Track Name: War (feat. Dr. Marcia Bailey)
One Lord, One Baptism, and One Faith
One Savior was born, that means there’s One Way
Generations anticipated His reign
To come back on a white horse and ease all the pain
He came into the world He made, but they ain’t recognize Him
His own people rejected Him, heckled Him, despised Him
Light of the Gentiles, Glory of Israel
The deepest thoughts of our hearts, Emmanuel would tell
Three years of ministry, salvation was the mission
Can’t get to God without Christ, He nixed the partition
Pilate tried to silence the Lamb like Hannibal Lecter
Christ gave up His spirit then He saved us from the swelter
But more than that, He gave me every Kingdom key
So I can unlock His promises, put death under my feet
And warm hearts that’s cold like Cleveland when ‘Bron dipped for the Heat
And take this Gospel from the pulpit to the street--Let’s GO!

I’m in the Kingdom now
My citizenship is in Heaven so I ain’t gon’ bow
To ideologies that come and try to crush the vow
I made to God in my heart at the altar, no way, now how
I’m tired of darkness ruling and reigning
Tired of twisted and wicked agendas pervading
So I strategize, God’s got me planted to bloom
Don’t need gats, i stay strapped with spiritual tunes
I’m camouflaged, the takeover is coming soon
Black paint under my eye, suit and tie in the boardroom
Yeah I look like my surroundings,
But that’s just so I can move around it
Stealth like a ninja, Christ my avenger
I drink on my job, drunk in the Spirit like a binger
satan youre in for, believers paintin’ Blood on the town
Access no longer granted, cause we here to shut it down!


Now let me be frank with you like the front of a hunned
Ain’t no need to fight the battle, God already won it
Arts & Entertainment, Business, Religion, Media
Family, Education, Government...The Ecclesia
Get ready the world thought we were spectatin’
Didn’t see it coming, but we were in it for the takin’
We did it while they were drunk, numb, and celebrated
Undercurrent built up, now its infiltrated
Don’t need they loot cause Christ came, we got cash
Died and rose so we can throw the painkillers in the trash
Got houses that we didn’t build
Don’t need drugs, the Holy Ghost keep our joy filled
He got us on surround sound sound like our name Bose
This is life, better paths we couldn’t have chose
Read the Book’s last chapter, that’s how it goes
It’s a takeover, get ready, case closed
Track Name: Lord of All (feat. Brittany Turnipseed)

Woooo! Jesus, author and the finisher
Faith supersized now I ride it to the pinnacle
God loved me first, even when I was cynical
Tried to find another that’s better, and that was difficult
He started from eternity past,...went to the end of it
Then gave a Son who loads ya boy with benefits
Heart’s desires? He gives em. Every whim.
Don’t climb the rough side, He told you tell it take a swim
His name is excellent, it spreads through the earth
Got me using gospel rap to tell the world what He’s worth
Convicted of sin, He’ll make you a converrrrt
Thirsty? Living water, come take a sluuuurp
I can’t even hold it man I’m bout to go bezeeeeerk
Cause He’s righteous in every way, holy in His woooorks
Wanna be a baller? Then just ball till you fall
Just make sure you ballin’ wit the Rock, we call Him Lord of All

He gets glory, King of Kings
Ruler of everything
Hands down Champion, He's won 'em all
Crown Him Lord of All

He gets glory, King of Kings
Ruler of everything
Hands down Champion, He's won 'em all
Crown Him Lord of All


What does it means to be Lord of All, I’ll tell you this much
Track record? flawless. In Him you can put trust
He’ll bring you outta sin when you finally tired of it
Replace it with righteousness and make you wired of it
Tired of waking up a different bed everyday
Tired of cuss words in every sentence you say
Tired of running rampant, feeling outta control
Feelin’ like pieces, wishing you could be whole
Yeah, He’s the God in my shout and my praise
And yeah, He’s the One we call the Ancient of Days
But He’s a mind regulator, a paradigm shifter
Take your burdens to Him, He’s a heavy burden lifter
He Rules with a heart of love, not an iron fist
And when you don’t think He’s there He’s sittin’ in the midst
He’s also the one who wants to call you his own
Let Him in the door your heart and sit and the on the throne



The nations proclaim, the heavens resound
You rule in high places, but You reign in our hearts
Soon the world will know, just who You are
And we will declare, You are Lord of All


Now, God is only Lord over all that you give Him
He’s a gentleman, He ain’t gonna force His way in
Eternal life is yours in the palm of His Hand
Current life is buck, He wanna give you a grand
Don’t just let Him save you, let’s go a little deeper
He wanna hit your cellie, you still rockin’ a beeper
Got he’s power to change non-believers into teachers,
Harlots to evangelists, Soccer moms to preachers,
He wanna show you the world, you wanna stay on your street
Take God off pause & put Him on repeat
In Christ, no limits like we driving on the autobahn
Used to be a wreck, now I’m piled up in grace, son
Our hearts are gon’ be drawn to whatever we treasure
Cars, cash, cribs, clothes, they don’t even measure
Giving you the Good Life, that’s what my God pleasures
King of Kings, Lord of all and ruler forever